Concrete Curbing Lasts Longer

If you consider yourself a gardener or landscaper, you’ve likely encountered landscape edging that doesn’t do the job. Plastic curbing often detracts from your landscape without really curbing weeds. While metal looks more ornamental, it easily rusts and breaks along curves. Wood edging rots and can be eaten away by termites until your curb is nothing more than dust.

Even with the metal, plastic, or wood barrier that you’ve enlisted to keep your flowers safe, weeds can still wander into your flower beds. Edging from these materials can break down and leave your landscape vulnerable. With significant drawbacks to plastic, metal, and wood edging, what’s the solution for your landscape curbing?

The answer to long-lasting, beautiful, and durable curbing is concrete curbing! Concrete curbing, also known as concrete edging, is a landscaping alternative to plastic, wood, or metal. After the ground is prepared, a custom mix of concrete is poured into the landscape border forms, which then hardens to create a strong and stylish curb.

Concrete is easily textured during installation. To give your concrete edging a more natural exterior, you can opt for stamped concrete to look like stones or bricks.

Why Concrete Curbing Is The Best Type Of Edging

With several choices of material for your landscape edging, you may wonder why concrete is the best choice. Concrete provides a wealth of advantages when it comes to curbing. One of the key points to consider is that concrete has the strength to stay in place and truly keep your landscaping tidy. Here are some of the other major selling points to concrete curbing.


Style & Color Customization

Concrete demand has dramatically grown in recent years as more colors, textures, and styles have entered the market. You can create a specialized concrete color to accentuate the hues of your favorite flowers or to complement your building’s paint.


Extreme Durability

Concrete curbing is extremely durable, even in harsh conditions and climates. Compared to its counterparts, concrete isn’t prone to rusting, deteriorating, or cracking. However, if you do need to repair your concrete curbing, it’s a quick and easy fix that doesn’t require replacement.

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Incredible Longevity

Concrete is well-known for being long-lasting. Ancient Romans used concrete in their structures, like the Pantheon, that can still be seen today. If you maintain your concrete curbing, it can last for decades in great condition.

Curbing Installation Cedar City and St. George

Installing curbing is a relatively quick service that can often be done in a matter of hours. We can install curbing of various sizes and colors to give you a custom curbing design. We’ve broken down the curbing installation process to before and during the installation. If you’d like to get a more detailed view of our entire process, you can find it here.

Before Curb Installation

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When you decide to install concrete curbing for your landscape, you will first need to decide which curbing style and color you want. Determine exactly where you want your custom curbing installed, then give us a call for an estimate.

Once you have your color, style, and design planned, we’ll paint the curb layout on the ground. We’ll use that layout to guide us on the day of curbing installation.

On the Day of Curb Installation


Depending on if you’re installing curbing in a new yard or an existing one, our team will lay the curb on the bare dirt or cut away a section of grass. We’ll mix your concrete curbing right at the property to ensure that you get fresh, evenly mixed concrete. Once the concrete is properly mixed, we’ll pour the concrete into the designated borders.

If you choose to design or stamp your custom curbing, we’ll smooth out any imperfections before stamping or rolling the concrete. After the concrete has been poured and stamped as necessary, we’ll clean up, so you won’t have a mess to worry about.

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Concrete Curbing from Designers
Edge Curbing

There are many reasons to love concrete lawn edging. If you’re looking for curbing that protects your landscape while enhancing it, look no further than concrete curbing! Our team of expert landscape curbing contractors has the knowledge and professional experience to make your concrete curbing project a success.

Designers Edge Curbing is here to help with any concrete landscaping project you may have in Cedar City, St. George, and the surrounding communities. Contact us to learn more about our concrete curbing services or to receive a free project estimate today!