Styles and Color Options

When you install new curbing for your home or business, you want it to look just the way you want. We make personalization a priority at Designers Edge Curbing. We let you choose the style and color that you want, then make it a reality.

Take a look through our wide range of styles, stamps, and colors to decide what appeals to you the most. We offer traditional curbing styles, stamped concrete curbing, colored concrete curbing, and even have an exclusive line of natural-looking curbing. When you want beautiful concrete curbing, there’s no one better than Designers Edge Curbing!


We offer nine different styles of curbing options, so you can have a unique curb to match your tastes and budget. In addition to our standard curbing styles, we also have our Canyonlands Natural Stone series. The Canyonlands Natural Stone Series is the best curbing we offer! Designers Edge Curbing is the only curbing company in Southern Utah with the right training and equipment to craft such beautiful curbing.

When determining which curbing style best suits your needs, please keep in mind that the total cost of each style will depend on several factors. To create a custom estimate, we will consider linear footage, curb size, colors, stamping, carving, and any property issues. Please look through all our options and contact us if you have any questions.

Slant Curbs


Gray Slant

This style of curb is by far the most popular in the country. The gray slant curb has a very clean look and can be colored and also stamped.

The slant-style curb is by far a company favorite and looks great on any property!


Colored Slant

You can add a color to any curb regardless of size or shape. Take a look at our Primary Color Chart below to find the shade you want for your concrete.

We’ll mix the color you choose with the concrete. After the mixing is finished, we seal the color with a high gloss acrylic concrete seal. It is $2 extra to add color to any gray curb.


Stamped and Colored with Roller

Roller stamps have been a popular curb choice for decades. With this style, we’ll pour your concrete and then run a roller over the top to create a pattern in your curb. We have several stamp options with varying grains and textures.

Pick your pattern and a secondary color from the charts below. Then Designers Edge will pick the primary integral color to best match the color you choose. All stamped concrete projects are a 2-color system, 1 primary and 1 secondary.

Block Style

6x4 Block Style

The 6x4 block curbs are designed more for commercial applications. These curbs are a bit larger, and the flat top is perfect for big mowers.

The 6x4 block has a very clean look. This style has a tall face near the grass that you won’t find with the slant style.

Escalante Block
Cedar Mountain Stone

Canyonlands Natural Stone Series

From our Tushar Slate to our Cedar Mountain Stone, we know you'll love our custom natural look at your home. Click here to check out the rest of the series and pictures of these stunning styles.

Escalante Block

Escalante Block

Our Escalante Block is a larger, fuller design with great versatility. This style is particularly popular around flower beds and can be customized to complement the colors of your home or garden.

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Cedar Mountain Stone

Cedar Mountain Stone

Named and designed after Cedar Mountain, we love to see this style around yards, walkways, and driveways. This style has a heavier texture that instantly draws eyes to it.

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Tushar Slate

Tushar Slate

The Tushar Slate style is inspired by the beauty and grandeur of the Tushar Mountain range in Utah. If you’re looking for a natural, adaptable look, then consider Tushar Slate from our Canyonlands Natural Stone series.

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Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam Basalt

The Beaver Dam Basalt is new to the Canyonlands Natural Stone series and is a favorite for many. This style looks great in between grass and rocks and can bring out the beauty of your unique yard.


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Virgin River Cement Curbing

Virgin River Carved Stone

The Virgin River Carved Stone

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Natural Wood Bark Cement Curbing

Natural Wood Bark

The Natural Wood Bark

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Our Stamped Curbing Gallery

At Designers Edge Curbing, we offer stamped curbing options to help you personalize your curbing. With our roller stamps, you can get a ton of different looks to complement your landscape. Our process involves several steps but is relatively simple.


  1. As the homeowner, pick which impression you would like from the choices below.

  2. Decide what the overall color of the curb is going to be. Choose this color from our secondary color chart. This color will be the main color of the curb, so you need to be sure when you choose.

  3. Our team of color experts will then pick the color from the primary chart that best goes with your color. The color we choose will be the light undertone that accompanies the color you choose. The colors need to contrast, and our color experts have an eye for picking the best contrasting color combinations.


After installation, we’ll seal your stamped curbing with a high gloss acrylic or matte finish concrete seal to protect it from the elements and bring out the colors. Please refer to our care page for yearly upkeep.

Primary & Secondary Color Charts

We offer over a dozen different primary colors for your curbing project. Primary colors represent integral colors that get mixed in with the concrete. This color will be the main color of your concrete.

If you choose to stamp your concrete, you will pick a secondary color and Designers Edge will choose a primary color depending on your secondary color choice. If you are not stamping your concrete, you will only need to choose from the Primary Color Chart.

We currently have more than half a dozen secondary colors to further personalize your curbing to your tastes. Secondary Colors represent release colors or antique colors. This color will be used for the stamp.

Our concrete colors and charts are only a representation of a certain amount of color per batch. There are many variables when it comes to the final color of your concrete, including materials and color ratios. Because monitors and final products vary, your curb may be slightly different from what you see here.

Primary Color Chart


Secondary Color Charts