Curb Landscape Edging Installation

Curbing Installation Cedar City and St. George

Installing curbing is a relatively quick service that can often be done in a matter of hours. We can install curbing of various sizes and colors to give you a custom curbing design. We’ve broken down the curbing installation process to before and during the installation. If you’d like to get a more detailed view of our entire process, you can find it here.

Before Curb Installation

When you decide to install concrete curbing for your landscape, you will first need to decide which curbing style and color you want. Determine exactly where you want your custom curbing installed, then give us a call for an estimate.

Once you have your color, style, and design planned, we’ll paint the curb layout on the ground. We’ll use that layout to guide us on the day of curbing installation.

On the Day of Curb Installation

Depending on if you’re installing curbing in a new yard or an existing one, our team will lay the curb on the bare dirt or cut away a section of grass. We’ll mix your concrete curbing right at the property to ensure that you get fresh, evenly-mixed concrete. Once the concrete is properly mixed, we’ll pour the concrete into the designated borders.

If you choose to design or stamp your custom curbing, we’ll smooth out any imperfections before stamping or rolling the concrete. After the concrete has been poured and stamped as necessary, we’ll clean up, so you won’t have a mess to worry about.

They are very conscientious and did excellent work. We were very impressed and loved the results.
We have already told friends and family about it.

Thank you!!!”

Doug C.

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Whether you’re looking to replace old landscape edging or install a new curb entirely, you need dependable curbing contractors to do it. Our curbing company at Designers Edge Curbing has a deep understanding of how to do the job right. Custom curb edging is what we love to do, and we pride ourselves on your satisfaction.

When you’re looking for curbing companies and contractors near you in Cedar City or St. George, our team is ready to help. Our curb experts will craft you stunning curb edging. Contact us Today to get professional curb landscape edging for your home or business!