You only have one chance to have your home make a first impression! When someone drives up to your home, you want them to notice that you put the effort in to make your property stand out. Designer landscape curbing by Designers Edge Curbing gets that done.

Here you’ll find our process, warranty, and curbing tips and FAQs.

Our Simple Five-Step Process

Our Warranty

Designers Edge Curbing, Inc. offers a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. We will replace curb edging at no charge if the defect is caused by the materials we used or the way it was installed by our workmen.

Concrete curbing, like any other concrete product, CAN and WILL crack. We make control cuts in all of our curbing. If you look at a concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio, you will see that it has either control cuts or expansion joints. Ideally, the concrete will crack there because it is the weakest point in the concrete.

Curbing Tips and Tricks

  • Use islands and tree rings as a focal point to a yard.
  • Cut downs are a great custom touch, and flowing lines are aesthetic.
  • Stay away from straight lines and corners.
  • By doing waves and curves, you can soften the look of your landscape and manipulate the drainage.

Make your lines flow with your home and the contour of your property.

Care & FAQ

Continuous concrete curb edging is the lowest maintenance edging you can install. It requires minimal maintenance and will last for many years. Please follow the guidelines below to get the most out of your continuous concrete edging: