Decorative Concrete Curbing

If you’re looking for effective, affordable, and eye-catching concrete landscape edging, decorative concrete curbing could be just what you need! You can even customize your concrete curbing to match your tastes and landscaping perfectly.

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Our Decorative Concrete Options

Color Curbing

Granite Texture

While gray is the most common color of concrete, you can find concrete in a huge range of shades and hues. Our most popular colors are earthy neutrals that unify the landscape with the surrounding buildings. Choose from reds, tans, grays, beiges, and more to create the perfect color of decorative concrete for your landscaping.

Stamped Curbing

Spanish Texture

Stamping can take your concrete curbing to the next level. You choose your color, then the concrete is easily and smoothly stamped to create a decorative design. At Designers Edge Curbing, we have over a dozen stamp designs that range from small lines to larger grooves. We always seal our stamped concrete curbing with high gloss to enhance the color even further.

Textured Curbing

Wood Texture

Elevate your landscape curbing even further with texture! Several of our stamp designs include a texture to make your curbing more dimensional and realistic. Whether you like the appearance of stone or want to accentuate the wood in your landscape with wood-grain texturing, textured decorative concrete can pull your whole landscape together.

Canyonlands Natural Stone Series

Cedar Mountain

The epitome of effective and beautiful decorative curbing, the Canyonlands Natural Stone Series is only available from Designers Edge Curbing. We carry 6 different custom designs: Tushar Slate, Escalante Block, Cedar Mountain Stone, Beaver Dam Basalt, Virgin River Carved Stone, and Natural Wood Bark. Each of these designs is available in a full range of colors. Thanks to the three-color system used to create this type of edging, you’ll have a completely customizable and unique curbing experience.


Get Decorative Concrete Curbing from Designers Edge Curbing

Your landscape is beautiful. Why get curbing that detracts from that? Decorative concrete curbing can accent your favorite landscaping details to make your whole landscape shine. With customizable color, texture, and stamping, there’s a style of decorative curbing that’s perfect for your landscape and tastes.

Create a cohesive balance between your edging and landscaping with decorative concrete curbing from Designers Edge Curbing! We have an eye for detail and a high level of professionalism to get the job done smoothly and efficiently. Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about our decorative concrete curbing options or to get a free estimate on your St. George or Cedar City project today!