Canyonlands Natural Stone Series

We have (4) different aggressive stamp patterns that will compliment any home.  These were designed, molded, and poured right here in the USA.  They are very unique and won't be found anywhere else.  This is a 3 color system, 1 primary and 2 secondary colors.


Designers Edge Curbing, Inc. offers FREE existing curb removal with the purchase of ANY of our Canyonlands Natural Stone Series curbing!

Tushar Slate, Escalante Block, and Cedar Mountain Stone

We have 4 different styles of stone in this category to meet your needs.  Any of these options are available in ANY of the colors we offer.  They have a perfect combination of being decorative and functional.  Mowing and trimming are still simple with ultra-aggressive textures and multiple colors.  You have the choice between vertical or random grout lines to compliment your house or landscaping.  Why Settle For Average when you can have the Designers Edge. Click any of the photos to see the our full gallery.

Tushar Slate

Escalante Block

Cedar Mountain Stone

Mahogony Mountain Marble

Carved Stone is a Designers Edge Curbing Inc. exclusive concrete curb design.  This is a 3 or 4 color system and is ultra-aggressive.  Carved Stone is made only for you and there won't be another exactly like it anywhere in the world.  It is truly custom to your project.  Realize, this type of curb isn't as mower friendly as it won't be smooth in the front.  This is more decorative than it is functional.   Mahogany Mountain Marble Carved Stone from Designers Edge. Click the photo to see our full gallery.